Back in the Summer, you wrote a poem for me to read at my wedding, thanking my Mum and Dad for everything that they had done for me in my life. I just wanted to express my thanks to you for the work you did. It was a beautiful, poignant poem which made people laugh – and cry! I thought you’d like to know that it is now framed and hung in my parents house. Thank you again.

I really shouldn’t have read that while at work – my eyes have welled up!! The poem is absolutely amazing and more than I could ever have wished for – thank you so much and I mean that sincerely! I definitely have to get you to write one for me and my fiance and will HIGHLY recommend you to my wedding couples. I will even put the website link in our wedding pack.

I am just blown away, my sister will ball her eyes out when she hears it! I just hope I can read it on the day without crying although the first line will probably set me off as we are really close sisters. I cannot thank you enough!

Hi Cathy.

Just thought I’d let you know that my best man’s speech – and your poem – went down a storm. One person literally fell of their seat with laughter (though this may have had something to do with alcohol as well!). Anyway, my brother is getting married next year and will be getting in touch. I’m afraid I told everyone else that I wrote the poem myself!

Thank you so much.

My daughter’s wedding was a day I shall never forget. Your poem – with which I finished my speech – was absolutely spot on. The mix of wit and loving sincerity that you weaved was just brilliant. Thankyou so much – your service is to be highly recommended!

Thank you for the poem – its great and we are looking forward to having it read on the day.

Dear Cathy.

I really love it. I cannot thank you enough.

Your poem was very well complemented about after I read it out at Susie (my daughter’s) wedding recently. I just wanted to say ‘job well done’!

Cathy, what can I say! It’s brilliant! A big, big thank you.

That’s brilliant Cathy and sums them up to a tee!

Thank you so much Cathy. You are clearly very talented. I wish I could do what you do.

Thanks for getting the poem back to me so quickly. I really like it!

Dear Cathy

I just wanted to let you know that everyone loved the poem. It’s not often I make my daughter well up, but she did on Saturday, when she heard these poignant verses. Many thanks.

Thanks Cathy. This is spot on.