Example Wedding Poems - 1/7

For Mum and Dad

(Bride’s Speech to her parents)

Dear Mum and Dad, I just want you to know,
I can’t thank you enough for helping me grow.
From the day I was born, you’ve done all in your power
To water my roots and help me to flower.

With four girls to bring up, there were choices to make,
But together you worked out the best paths to take.
You have nurtured our differences, helped us grow strong,
You even stayed patient when I got things wrong!

I still cherish the magic I felt as a girl.
Climbing trees, running free in my fairytale world.
I am blessed to have been your Princess Number Two,
For the wonderful childhood provided by you.

You were young when you met, just midway through your teens,
Yet somehow you knew what a family should mean.
You worked hard to provide, but when push came to shove,
You taught me that riches come second to love.

Each hurdle, each milestone there’s been Mum and Dad:
My prom, graduation, each job that I’ve had.
The birth of my Sam, even choosing this dress,
You have stood by my side through each triumph, each mess!

They say Brides require something old, something new,
(I don’t think I’ll mention what’s borrowed and blue!)
As I lose my old name, and take on the new,
Please rest assured, I will always love you!

(Toast: To Mum and Dad!)

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Example Wedding Poems - 2/7

Helen and Dean

Ladies and Gents, I’ve a few words to say
At this glorious, Luton Hoo wedding today.
Helen, my best-friend, and networking Queen,
Has finally cornered the man of her dreams!

Yes Deano, forget it! There’s nowhere to run.
Ever since Denbigh High, Helen’s known you’re the one.
The best-looking lad, you stole part of her heart,
‘Though it took many years for your romance to start.

Cue dodgy wine bar in Luton, one night:
Their eyes meet, their lips touch, it’s so very right.
Time apart seeps away, the stars glow in the sky . . .
She is his perfect woman, He’s her perfect guy!

Things move on, life gets better, they work as a team.
And Lauren and Harry complete love’s young dream!
Just two things are missing, the vows and a ring:
Perhaps it’s too much to expect everything?

They take romantic breaks, Paris, Nice, New York Cruise . . .
All situations that some men would use,
To propose, pop the question? . . But not Mr ‘T’. . .
He picked Saturday night, chicken satay, TV!

Would you take a chance . . .take a chance on me?
I am told he enquired as he finished his tea.
(Mama Mia was on, just in case you aren’t clear!)
‘Though surprised, she said ‘Yes!’. . . hence the reason we’re here!

So Ladies and Gents, let me offer a toast.
To Helen and Deano and all they love most!
May their good times be many, their bad times be few.
We wish happiness, comfort and joy to you two!

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Example Wedding Poems - 3/7

A Wedding Poem for Lizzie and Jason

Ladies and Gents, I think you’ll agree,
That before us a match made in heaven we see.
Lizzie looks gorgeous and Ja’s scrubbed up fine . . .
I’m so glad that he’s married this sister of mine!

It does seem that fate has been kind in their case.
They both chose to study same subject, same place;
Geology, Durham, and then in year two,
They shared student digs and their romance just grew!

Perhaps it was Ja’s rugby skills that impressed.
It’s said that his tackle is one of the best,
Whatever, once Jason had caught Lizzie’s eye,
His fate had been sealed, it was When? And not Why?

Still Lizzie was shocked when Ja took here away,
And asked for her hand, out in Rome that fine day.
However, she saw then together for life,
So, of course, she said ‘Yes Jason, I’ll be your wife!’

So now folks lets wish them the best of all luck.
Their new house in Radcar, may it get done up!
And may they both prosper, as soulmates and friends:
Raise your glasses, Our Couple, a fairytale end!

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Example Wedding Poems - 4/7

A Wedding Poem for Olivia and Mark

Now Ladies and Gents, I’ve a few words to say,
I just couldn’t let such a chance slip clean away.
After all, you know me, I’m just not shy and quiet.
Today I’m the Queen of this romantic riot!

Mark, where to start? Where did our love begin?
When did young Cupid start reeling us in?
That fancy dress party? It could have been then,
But years passed until fate let us meet once again.

Still, once we did, at a wedding by chance,
And you plucked up the courage to ask me to dance,
We kissed, that’s the moment our romance began:
You’d found your woman and I’d found my man.

Now, I felt that I knew you well right from the start,
Until James phoned one night and said “It’s about Mark!”
You’d been drinking, then dancing, then fallen you see,
Damaged your shoulder, now cue A+E!

And soon after, my love, our Italian break,
And another display of fine dancing you make
This time round, it’s a lamppost in pole dancing mode:
You threw some fine shapes, by the side of that road!

 And then there’s the tunes you can play through your nose . . .
Is this really the husband I finally chose?
But seriously Mark, I could not wish for more,
You’re the love of my life, I could not be more sure.

With Soraya, we make sense, we make a fun team!
So today you’re my King and you’ve made me your Queen.
You’re so funny and caring, for you I’d walk miles
Just for one of your kisses . . . one of your smiles!

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Example Wedding Poems - 5/7

A Wedding Poem for Vicky and Phil

This is for Vicky, sweet daughter of mine.
Though always becoming, today you’re divine.
I’m so proud of the way that you’ve made a new life,
And I know Phil feels blessed he can call you ‘his wife’.

But Phillip, beware when she heads for the shops
She’ll set out for a loaf and come back with two tops!
And if you thought that shoes were a practical thing
Revise your opinion – think high heels and bling!

Phil too, though obsessed with ‘the beautiful game’,
And prone to plan barbies when forecasts say rain,
Is there with a joke when the going gets tough.
He makes things OK when you’ve had quite enough.

Together it’s clear that they make a great team.
The new home that they’ve built proves they’re Builders Supreme!
Phillip worked like a trooper, from morning till night,
While Vick shopped for bargains and made the sums right.

So join with me please, on this their wedding day
To toast their good luck as their cruise sails away.
May the sunshine be bright and the sky clearest blue
We wish happiness, comfort and joy to you two.

A toast: To happiness, comfort and joy!

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Example Wedding Poems - 6/7

A Wedding Poem for Susie and Drew

Hayes Secondary School, and it’s ‘Own Clothes Day”,
Beautiful Susie, you blew me away.
Your jeans were so tight, you’d a beautiful bum,
I tried to play cool, but I just thought ‘Yum-yum!’

Thus began my attempts to impress future wife,
And I’ll carry on doing so all of my life.
That brave freezing sea-dip, I cried ” Look at me!”
Thank God for that towel – the cold shrinks things you see!

Our nights out in Bromley, the Weatherspoons era.
Your place or mine? It was, well, which is nearer?
Susie, your grace and poise rivalled the Willow
Should Daddy surprise us I’d just use a pillow!

You sent me a text, whilst away in the States,
Not the sort you would send to just one of your mates.
Cue our first formal date, you and I, the White Bear,
Eleven years later we’re one happy pair.

I won’t forget Bali, I chose paradise!
You said, ‘Yes’ it was romance, Prosecco on ice.
And look at you now, all dressed up in White,
I’ve a feeling that things will be special tonight.

Susie I’m proud of the work-life you’ve made.
Your Ann Summers contract, those items to grade!
My sexy director, my PR supreme,
You are one in a million my lady of dreams.

Now I know there’s another boy who’s in your life . . .
A small fluffy dog lives with me and the wife.
With you by my side and Bo at our feet,
We’ll surmount any challenge in life that we meet.

To sum up, my Susie, my beautiful bride,
You’ve made me so happy and so full of pride.
Ladies and Gents, raise your glasses, a toast:
To Susie, my soulmate, the one I love most!

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Example Wedding Poems - 7/7

Teresa and James

(Bride’s Speech)

Dear persons here present, I’d just like to say
A few words to my husband on our Wedding Day.
James, you look gorgeous, you’ve scrubbed up just fine,
And the best of it all is that now you’re all mine!

I remember the moment when first our eyes’ met.
It wasn’t at work, or as part of a bet,
The Earth didn’t shake, that was far from the case:
You were sat in a corner, stuffing your face!

But still, I know now, something happened that day,
(And I know that you peeped up my dress by the way!)
At my cousin Rosie’s, the first spark was lit,
‘Though, of course, it was not something I could admit.

And then, some time later, at last unattached,
Our paths crossed again, and we knew we were ‘matched’.
While strutting our stuff down at Breakers that night,
We kissed, our lips met, and ‘Oh boy!’ it felt right!

Then, you remember, I played ‘hard-to-get?’’
When you asked for a date, it was, ‘No, I can’t yet!
I’m terribly busy, I’ve so much to do!
My diary’s full-up, I can’t find time for you!’

I lasted three weeks… then I sighed, said ‘OK’
And I walked to the Pub thinking, ‘What will I say?’
But I needn’t have worried, because you weren’t there!
So I sat, and got drunk, thinking you didn’t care.

One whole hour later, I lurched up to go,
Feeling pretty upset by my case of, ‘No Show’,
And that was the moment you chose to stroll in,
You had fallen asleep! An ‘Original Sin!’

From that second, the third day of June 0-0-4.
My fate has been sealed. I could not want for more.
Seems now everyone loves you, and that includes me,
You’re so handsome and charming, and kind as can be!

But I know much more now, than I did way back then.
As a child, it turns out you liked acting ‘Bin Men’.
So as soon as you brothers were safely in school,
You played emptying bins, with Mum Val as a rule!

I’ve also been told by your family and friends
That rubbish and Bin Men are not where it ends.
It seems, for a while you were part of a band,
How Cowell missed you I can’t understand!

And what’s this I hear about you when in Wales?
A lady called Petra put wind in your sails?
She even went topless so you were in heaven?
But I’ll let you off ‘cause you were only seven!

One passion’s still with you – The Beautiful Game.
Playing for ‘Old Boys’, you’re toying with fame!
Should Liverpool ever be part of your life,
Yours Truely could end up a Footballer’s Wife!

Just think of the sparks that would fly with my Dad!
He’d never forgive you. He’d go Man U mad!
Though you’re very persuasive, I think in this case,
It’s you who’d end up with the egg on your face!

But Liz would still dance by your side I dare say,
Put on Dolly Parton, she’d boogie away!
My sis’ loves to party, her fave’s 9 to 5,
When she jumps to her feet, feel the room come alive!

There’s one special moment that’s magic to me.
It’s when you proposed, out in Greece, by the sea.
Seems like Captain Corelli himself strummed a tune,
As we kissed by the light of the silvery moon.

Now back here in Greece, with you sat by my side,
I just want to say, I’m the happiest bride!
I know that together no mountain’s too high.
So start climbing my darling, and reach for the sky!

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